HyperTech Computer is not only the hardware but the solution company. We did the following service for our customer. We believe our attitude is our best products for customers. Thank you for your business with HyperTech Computer.

Services We Provide:

Specified New Computer
HyperTech Computer provides not only the standard computers for our customers but the best combination for our customers.

Computer Repairing and Fine Tune
Computer Technology was changed too fast during past decade. Customer can only take care their business instead of computer knowlege. HyperTech computer is a leading computer company that provide the best and qualify solution. We know it's difficult for customer to take care their computer or update their computer. We do these qualified services for our customer in case they are worry free their computer and enjoy their desktop.
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Networking and Cabling
Computer is getting powerful and complicate. Most home/business no longer has only one computer. HyperTech provide networking technology to our customer. Definitely they share their information to reach the highest performance for their business. Networking is the most important technology. HyperTech accumualate many year's experience from Novell, NT, to Linux. We always on top of networking area.

Home/Business Internet Sharing
Because DSL/Cablemodem are getting popular and important for the business to browse the web and get the latest information. Most business or home like to share one connection to all computers to connect the Internet. HyperTech Computer is willing provide our web and networking technology to our customer set up their envrionment that every computers can share one connection to internet. Meanwhile, HyperTech Computer also sell the latest network products such as Gateway Sharing Modem, Hubs and Switch.

Computer Training
HyerTech Computer likes to transfer our knowledge to our customers. We provide the training classes such as: Basic Computer How to Using, Introduction programming for kids, Computer Programming, Introduction of Linux etc.. If you need any information regarding the training class. Just direct contact with our sales (732) 635-1755.


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